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Flavor Descriptors for salty
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Primary (First) - salty
FL anchovy flavor
FD disodium succinate
 flavor: salty meaty
FL garlic salt
 flavor: garlic salty
FD magnesium sulfate
 flavor: salty bitter
FL piperazine
 odor: ammoniacal
 flavor: salty
FL potassium lactate
FL3-[3-(2-isopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexyl)ureido]-butyric acid ethyl ester
 flavor: salty metallic umami
FL salt enhancers
 flavor: salty
FL sodium chloride replacers
 flavor: salty
FLmonosodium glutamate
 flavor: salty meaty
FL sodium lactate
FL soy sauce flavor
FL spilanthol
 odor: fruity
 flavor: salty
Secondary (Second) - salty
FD ammonium chloride
 flavor: cool saline
FL dimethyl sulfoxide
 odor: Fatty, oily, cheesy, over-cooked stir-fry, salty and garlic, mushroom, garlic with a cracker and soy nuance
 flavor: Fatty, salty, garlic and cream corn
 flavor: umami sweet salty brothy bouillon
 flavor: umami sweet salty savory
FL/FR jambu oleoresin
 odor: Citrus, herbal, lifting, tropical with a musty coolingness
 flavor: Strangely effervescent, cooling, salty, slightly astringent and numbing
FL pickle flavor
Tertiary (Third) - salty
 odor: smoky woody sweet caramel
 flavor: smoky sweet salty coffee
Quaternary (Fourth) - salty
Quinary (Fifth) - salty
 odor: corn chip taco potato chip toasted bread nutty
 flavor: Taco chips, slightly popcorn, toasted and roasted grain, salty impression
Senary (Sixth) - salty
FL caviar flavor
Septenary (Seventh) - salty
Octonary (Eighth) - salty
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