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Flavor Descriptors for fried
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Primary (First) - fried
FL crisp enhancers
 flavor: crispy fried chicken bacon beef fatty
Secondary (Second) - fried
FLfried crab flavor
 odor: fatty orange rose aldehydic floral green
 flavor: fatty fried citrus
FLfried fat flavor
FLfried garlic flavor
FLfried onion flavor
FLfried onion oleoresin
 flavor: onion fried
FLfried potato flavor
FLfried shallot flavor
FLfried shallot oleoresin
 flavor: fried onion
Tertiary (Third) - fried
FL3-methyl-2-butane thiol
 odor: sulfurous, savory burnt rubber, roasted chicken and pork meaty with nuances of roasted coffee, cultured cheeses and roasted cashew nuts.
 flavor: sulfurous, savory fried meaty, fried fatty with coffee and cooked onion nuances with a slight tongue bite
Quaternary (Fourth) - fried
 odor: Fatty, oily, green, chicken skin-like
 flavor: Fatty, oily, chicken, fried, with a slight rancid tallow nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - fried
FL/FRpara-cresyl acetate
 odor: narcissus phenolic animal
 flavor: aromatic, phenolic fruity; somewhat spicy and fried
 odor: oily cucumber melon citrus pumpkin nut meat
 flavor: Fatty, chicken, aldehydic, green, fried and potato
FL/FR(Z)-oleic acid
 odor: faint fatty waxy lard fried
 flavor: Fatty, vegetable oil with lard and tallow nuances of french fried potatoes
Senary (Sixth) - fried
FL/FR methyl furfuryl disulfide
 odor: Roasted coffee, sulfurous cooked meat and liver, onion and garlic nuances. Slight eggy undertones
 flavor: Roasted coffee, toasted onion and garlic, with roasted beef and fried pork nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - fried
FL/FR galbanum decatriene
 odor: fresh green greasy resin galbanum green pepper
 flavor: Green, vegetative, waxy, cucumber, chicken, fatty and fried notes
Octonary (Eighth) - fried
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