Fragrance Demo Formulas

Perfume base composition for men
Patent 3,978,008 Sesquiterpenic derivatives as odor- and taste-modifying agents
For Fragrance Use
120.00galbanum oil 10%
100.00bergamot oil bergaptene reduced
100.00woody acetate
80.00aldehyde C-11 moa 10%
60.00jasmin absolute replacer
60.00lemon oil
60.00oakmoss absolute 50%
40.00lavender absolute
40.00clove bud oil
40.00triplal 10%
40.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
30.00orange oil
30.00methyl benzyl carbinyl acetate
30.00dodecanal 1%
20.00patchouli oil
20.00neroli oil bigarde 10%
10.00sandalwood oil
10.00celestolide 10%
10.00muscone 10%
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