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Odor Descriptors for tea green tea
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Primary (First) - tea green tea
FL/FRgreen camellia sinensis leaf CO2 extract
 odor: green tea
 flavor: green tea
FL/FRgreen camellia sinensis leaf extract
 odor: green tea
 flavor: green tea
FL/FRgreen camellia sinensis leaf tincture
 odor: green tea
 flavor: green tea
FRgreen tea fragrance
FL/FRgreen tea leaf absolute
 odor: sweet leathery herbal floral balsamic woody
 flavor: green tea
FRgreen tea specialty
 odor: green tea
Secondary (Second) - tea green tea
FL/FR clary sage oil france
 odor: fresh herbal tea weedy dry sage spicy
 flavor: Green, herbal, hay, tobacco, spicy, sage, powdery and woody
FR clary sage oil replacer
 odor: clary sage
Tertiary (Third) - tea green tea
 odor: powerful citrus herbal green tea tangerine grapefruit mango passion fruit
FR artemisia ludoviciana oil
 odor: herbal fruity green tea resinous
FL/FRsweet basil oleoresin
 odor: basil minty green tea
 flavor: basil
FR clary propyl acetate
 odor: herbal clary sage saffron tea fruity floral
 odor: spicy herbal green tea
Quaternary (Fourth) - tea green tea
FL/FR heptyl butyrate
 odor: fruity tropical chamomile green tea sweet floral clean
 flavor: green fruity pear kiwi tropical banana peel
Quinary (Fifth) - tea green tea
FL/FR anthemis nobilis flower oil roman
 odor: sweet herbal green cognac spicy woody
 flavor: Sweet, floral, spice-like with a warm herbal green tea nuance
Senary (Sixth) - tea green tea
Septenary (Seventh) - tea green tea
Octonary (Eighth) - tea green tea
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