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Odor Descriptors for seaweed
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Primary (First) - seaweed
FL/FRgreen algae absolute
 odor: fresh marine green sandy oily painty oakmoss
 odor: seaweed
FR marine specialty
 odor: marine ocean seaweed
FL/FR seaweed absolute (fucus vesiculosus et serratus)
 odor: green herbal phenolic woody dry seaweed
FR seaweed resinoid
 odor: mossy marine
Secondary (Second) - seaweed
Tertiary (Third) - seaweed
FR marine specialty
 odor: marine ocean seaweed
Quaternary (Fourth) - seaweed
FL/FR acetaldehyde dibutyl acetal
 odor: floral rose green chloroform
FL pyrrolidine
 odor: Ammonia, fishy, shellfish and seaweed-like
 flavor: Ammonia and fishy amine-like with seaweed and shellfish nuances
FR treemoss absolute
 odor: woody dry forest seaweed herbal green
Quinary (Fifth) - seaweed
FR tangerine acetate
 odor: green citrus iodine tangerine seaweed waxy fresh bitter
Senary (Sixth) - seaweed
FR amber carane
 odor: amber woody spicy aldehydic green seaweed
FL/FRpara-anisyl formate
 odor: fruity floral anisic vanilla seaweed
 flavor: Sweet, vanilla, spice, with fruity heliotropine-like nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - seaweed
Octonary (Eighth) - seaweed
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