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Odor Descriptors for marjoram
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Primary (First) - marjoram
 marjoram absolute spain
 odor: sweet spicy camphor
sweet marjoram oil (origanum majorana var. tenuifolium weston) cyprus
 odor: spicy herbal
FL/FR marjoram oil (thymus mastichina) spain
 flavor: marjoram
FRsweet marjoram oil replacer
 odor: spicy herbal green minty tropical camphoreous tea
FL/FR marjoram pot oil turkey
 odor: herbal
 flavor: marjoram
FR origanum majorana absolute
 odor: marjoram
FR origanum majorana concrete
FL/FR origanum majorana herb extract
 odor: marjoram
 flavor: marjoram
FR origanum majorana herb oil iran
 odor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana herb oil turkey
 odor: spicy marjoram
 flavor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana herb water
 odor: marjoram
FR origanum majorana leaf extract
 odor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana leaf oil
 odor: spicy floral herbal bois de rose cardamom woody
FL/FR origanum majorana oil
 odor: spicy herbal green minty tropical camphoreous tea
 flavor: Herbal, tea, spice, minty, with a green curry note
FL/FR origanum majorana oil CO2 extract
 odor: spicy herbal camphor sweet
 flavor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana oil cuba
 odor: spicy herbal camphor sweet
 flavor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana oil morocco
 odor: spicy herbal sweet
 flavor: marjoram
FL/FR origanum majorana oleoresin
 odor: spicy curry herbal allspice peppery
 flavor: spicy curry minty herbal woody medicinal
Secondary (Second) - marjoram
Tertiary (Third) - marjoram
Quaternary (Fourth) - marjoram
 balsamite oil
 odor: powerful fresh herbal medicinal evoulimba wild marjoram
Quinary (Fifth) - marjoram
FL/FR cassis bud oil
 odor: terpene nutmeg neroli basil marjoram
 flavor: black currant bud
Senary (Sixth) - marjoram
Septenary (Seventh) - marjoram
Octonary (Eighth) - marjoram
FRcis-green acetate
 odor: fruity bergamot lime woody camphoreous fir needle spicy marjoram
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