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Odor Descriptors for lilac
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Primary (First) - lilac
FR lilac absolute
 odor: sweet green indole basil
FR lilac absolute replacer
 odor: lilac
FL/FR(±)-lilac aldehyde
FR lilac fragrance
FR lilac perfume base
 odor: sweet lilac
 odor: sweet lilac-lily aromatic
 odor: pine terpene lilac citrus woody floral
 flavor: citrus woody lemon lime soapy
Secondary (Second) - lilac
FR2,5-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)oct-2-ene
 odor: green, terpineol, woody, and black pepper notes
FR3-(4-hydroxy-4-methyl cyclohexyl) butanal
 odor: mild floral lilac muguet
FL/FR lilac pentanol
 odor: sweet fresh cayloxol lilac anisic earthy narcissus peony
 flavor: fruity tropical berry gooseberry green ylang
FL/FR2-phenyl propyl acetate
 odor: sweet hyacinth lilac green earthy
FL/FR propiophenone
 odor: hawthorn lilac floral aromatic
 flavor: fruity
 odor: lilac floral terpenic
 odor: lilac floral
Tertiary (Third) - lilac
FL/FRpara-anisyl alcohol
 odor: sweet powdery hawthorn lilac rose floral hyacinth
 flavor: Cherry, vanilla, creamy nuances, cocoa, licorice, anise
CSpara-cresyl propionaldehyde
 odor: heliotrope lily lilac
FL/FR lilac acetaldehyde
 odor: fresh sweet green cortex lilac narcissus
 flavor: Sweet, fruity cherry with spicy and nutty nuances
 odor: pine terpene lilac citrus woody floral
 flavor: citrus woody lemon lime soapy
 odor: terpineol lilac
 odor: white flowers linalool terpineol lilac fruity
Quaternary (Fourth) - lilac
FRpara-anisaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: mild floral hawthorn jasmin lilac elderflower
FR diisobutyl carbinyl acetate
 odor: herbal rhubarb floral lilac banana
FL/FR2-phenyl propionaldehyde
 odor: fresh sharp green hyacinth leaf lilac
 flavor: fresh aromatic, herbaceous, floral ,hyacinth
Quinary (Fifth) - lilac
FR hawthorn ethanol
 odor: floral rose jasmin muguet lilac woody
FL/FR leafy acetal
 odor: green reseda leafy hyacinth herbal
 flavor: fresh green oily aromatic slightly floral fruity fungal
FL/FR2-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: green spicy hyacinth balsam lilac honeysuckle
 flavor: sweet green cortex spicy floral hyacinth balsamic phenolic red rose
Senary (Sixth) - lilac
Septenary (Seventh) - lilac
FL/FRbitter orangeflower absolute morocco
 odor: floral orange blossom green stem honey
 flavor: Floral, sweet, fruity, jammy, rosy, perfume, jasmine with honeysuckle and lilac nuances
Octonary (Eighth) - lilac
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