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Odor Descriptors for gourmand
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Primary (First) - gourmand
FR chocolate specialty
 odor: sweet dry cocoa powder chocolate vanilla
FR gourmand fragrance
FL/FR periploca sepium root oil
 odor: sweet gourmand
Secondary (Second) - gourmand
FL/FR peppermint oil india
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
Tertiary (Third) - gourmand
FL/FR cassia bark oil china
 odor: woody sweet cinnamon spicy
 flavor: cinnamon
FL/FR coffee absolute
 odor: coffee
 flavor: coffee
FD sesame seed oil
 odor: mild fatty nutty
Quaternary (Fourth) - gourmand
FR(Z)-musk pentane
 odor: musk animal natural
FL/FR myrrh absolute
 odor: balsam woody musty
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR sesame absolute CO2 extract
 odor: sesame nutty roasted peanut coffee gourmand woody balsamic
 flavor: nutty sesame
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla bean balsam
 flavor: vanilla
Quinary (Fifth) - gourmand
FR coumarin
 odor: sweet hay tonka new mown hay
FL/FR ginger root absolute
 odor: Woody with fresh sweet notes
 flavor: Fresh pungent, and woody
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla spp.)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee fresh balsam
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute CO2 extract (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee custard creamy gourmand balsamic powdery marshmallow
 flavor: sweet vanilla tropical custard creamy gourmand balsamic cocoa bitter
Senary (Sixth) - gourmand
FR cistus ladaniferus resinoid
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam gourmand
FL/FR(±)-dihydromint lactone
 odor: coumarinic lactonic tonka phenolic tobacco gourmand
 flavor: lactonic, coconut, coumarinic, minty, fruity and herbal notes
Septenary (Seventh) - gourmand
FR cistus twig/leaf absolute
 odor: sweet balsam herbal ambergris cypress gourmand
FL/FR labdanum absolute
 odor: amber ambergris woody old wood sweet musty gourmand
 flavor: labdanum
Octonary (Eighth) - gourmand
FR mesitene lactone
 odor: sweet caramel sugar green licorice balsam gourmand
FL/FR sesame absolute
 odor: sesame nutty roasted peanut coffee gourmand woody balsamic
 flavor: nutty sesame
FR ylang ylang oil III fractions
 odor: floral jasmin frangipani spicy lily cocoa milky gourmand
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