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Odor Descriptors for frankincense
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Primary (First) - frankincense
FR boswellia carteri gum extract
 odor: frankincense
FR boswellia carteri resin extract
 odor: frankincense
FR boswellia carteri tincture
 odor: frankincense
FL/FR boswellia carterii gum oil
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR boswellia neglecta resin oil
 odor: resinous greasy woody pine terpenic cedar leathery
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR boswellia rivae oil
 odor: resinous woody terpenic incense pine spicy camphoreous lemon
 flavor: frankincense
FR boswellia serrata gum extract
 odor: frankincense
FR boswellia serrata resin extract
 odor: frankincense
FR boswellia serrata wood tar oil
 odor: smoky resinous balsamic woody
FL/FR boswellia thurifera gum
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense absolute
 odor: woody terpenic incense balsamic herbal
 flavor: Medicinal, woody, mentholic, herbal and spicy
FR frankincense fragrance
FL/FR frankincense gum
 odor: olibanum old wood fresh woody
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense gum papyrifera
 odor: woody incense woody terpenic resinous
 flavor: bitter
FL/FR frankincense gum (boswellia serrata)
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense oil
 odor: terpenic incense peppery spicy old wood woody pine resinous
 flavor: incense woody peppery spicy terpenic citrus rind resinous
FL/FR frankincense oil (boswellia serrata)
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense oil CO2 extract
 odor: terpene incense old wood woody
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense oil CO2 extract (boswellia serrata)
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FR frankincense oil replacer
 odor: terpenic incense old wood woody
FL/FR frankincense resin
 odor: old wood incense amber
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR frankincense resinoid
 odor: incense old wood terpenic balsamic spicy pine resinous
 flavor: woody spicy terpenic balsamic incense herbal resinous medicinal
FL/FR frankincense resinoid (boswellia serrata)
 odor: frankincense
 flavor: frankincense
FR frankincense resinoid replacer
 odor: incense old wood terpenic balsamic spicy pine resinous
FR frankincense wood specialty
 odor: incense woody resinous
FR olibanum specialty
 odor: frankincense
Secondary (Second) - frankincense
FR woody specialty
 odor: woody frankincense incense forest amber cedar
Tertiary (Third) - frankincense
FL/FR terpinyl isovalerate
 odor: sweet pine olibanum incense orange citrus
 flavor: bitter apple fruity
Quaternary (Fourth) - frankincense
FR cyperus root oil (cyperus scariosus)
 odor: woody earthy cinnamon olibanum dry spicy cedar
FR cypress oil replacer
 odor: fresh pine woody earthy olibanum dry spicy cedar
Quinary (Fifth) - frankincense
FL/FR croton eluteria bark oil
 odor: fresh spice woody black pepper sweet anise
 flavor: Spicy, woody, peppery, cola like, with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove notes and a smoky nuance
FR cypress leaf oil
 odor: fresh pine woody earthy olibanum dry spicy cedar
FR incense fragrance
FR incense specialty
 odor: olibanum old wood amber
Senary (Sixth) - frankincense
FR mastic gum resin
 odor: balsam resinous incense amber woody olibanum greasy
Septenary (Seventh) - frankincense
Octonary (Eighth) - frankincense
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