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Odor Descriptors for chrysanthemum
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Primary (First) - chrysanthemum
FL/FR acetaldehyde dipropyl acetal
 odor: fresh green chrysanthemum leafy herbal
 flavor: green leafy vegetable cortex asparagus radish
FR chrysanthemum carbaldehyde
 odor: green chrysanthemum wet aldehydic sweat
FR chrysanthemum fragrance
FR chrysanthemum indicum absolute
 odor: chrysanthemum
FR chrysanthemum ketone
 odor: herbal floral chrysanthemum grapefruit
FL/FR chrysanthemum oxide
 odor: green floral chrysanthemum jasmin metallic rose
 flavor: green chrysanthemum herbal floral nasturtium earthy metallic cilantro
FR chrysanthemum specialty
 odor: chrysanthemum
FL/FR cinnamyl phenyl acetate
 odor: chrysanthemum spicy tolu balsam
Secondary (Second) - chrysanthemum
FR diethyl dimethyl-2-cyclohexenone
 odor: dry woody chrysanthemum phenolic powdery orris
FR tagette carboxylate
 odor: tagette chrysanthemum thujone natural sweet herbal
Tertiary (Third) - chrysanthemum
Quaternary (Fourth) - chrysanthemum
FR green dioxolane
 odor: green fruity radish chrysanthemum gardenia metallic
Quinary (Fifth) - chrysanthemum
 odor: fresh green leafy clean herbal chrysanthemum
FR ethyl chrysanthemate
 odor: herbal wine fruity everlasting flower chrysanthemum sweet
Senary (Sixth) - chrysanthemum
FL/FR prenyl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity blueberry raspberry pomegranate pineapple chrysanthemum honey dried fruit
Septenary (Seventh) - chrysanthemum
FR gardenia acetal
 odor: fresh citrus gardenia green natural
FL/FR phenethyl formate
 odor: rose green hyacinth watercress herbal
 flavor: sweet green cortex watercress unripe banana narcissus phenolic
Octonary (Eighth) - chrysanthemum
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