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Odor Descriptors for cedarwood
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Primary (First) - cedarwood
FRatlas cedarwood absolute
 odor: dry woody old wood phenolic spicy
FR cedarwood acetate
 odor: cedarwood woody balsamic amber cedar resinous
FL/FR cedarwood essence texas
 odor: cedarwood
FL/FR cedarwood essence virginia
 odor: cedarwood
FR cedarwood fragrance
FRatlas cedarwood oil
 odor: dry woody spicy old wood cistus
FRterpeneless atlas cedarwood oil
 odor: cedar woody
FR cedarwood oil atlanta
 odor: cedarwood
FR cedarwood oil china
 odor: woody burnt musty cedar
FR cedarwood oil himalaya
 odor: cedar like atlis cedar
FR cedarwood oil lebanon
 odor: cedarleaf grassy
FR cedarwood oil port orford
 odor: sweet woody pine fennel herbal
FR cedarwood oil replacer
 odor: woody cedar aromatic sandalwood floral perfume
FR cedarwood oil texas
 odor: cedar woody
FR cedarwood oil texas fractions
 odor: clean amber woody balsamic powdery dry
FR cedarwood oil virginia
 odor: cedar woody oily balsam
FR cedarwood oil western red
 odor: woody aromatic lime spicy cumin peppery nutmeg almond
FR cedarwood oil white
 odor: woody cedar aromatic sandalwood floral perfume
 flavor: woody cedar dry sandalwood floral
FR cedrene
 odor: cedarwood woody
FL/FR cedrenol
 odor: cedarwood woody sweet soft
 flavor: woody cedar old wood sawdust amber rooty resinous ambergris
FL/FR cedrol
 odor: cedarwood woody dry sweet soft
 flavor: woody amber floral cedar ambrette musk powdery
FR juniperus mexicana extract
 odor: cedar woody
FR juniperus virginiana wood extract
 odor: cedar woody
FR thujopsis dolabrata wood oil
 odor: fresh sweet cedarwood woody dry cedar sawdust dusty phenolic earthy
 flavor: woody cedar dry earthy sawdust spicy resinous incense
Secondary (Second) - cedarwood
FR cedar fragrance
FR cedar specialty
 odor: cedar woody cedarwood amber
FL/FR cycloionone
 odor: woody cedarwood raspberry orris root
 flavor: woody cedarwood fruity floral raspberry orris
FRalpha-ethyl-2,2,6-trimethyl cyclohexane propanol
 odor: woody cedarwood ambergris sandalwood
Tertiary (Third) - cedarwood
FRalpha-allyl-alpha-3,3-trimethyl-2-norbornane methanol
 odor: sweet woody spruce cedarwood balsamic berry blueberry incense resinous
FR ambermax 50 (Givaudan)
 odor: amber woody cedarwood ambergris
 bornyl ethyl ether
 odor: camphoreous woody cedarwood eucalyptus blueberry
FR dacrydium franklinii wood oil
 odor: sweet woody spicy cedarwood
FR juniperus deppeana wood oil
 odor: cedarwood woody
Quaternary (Fourth) - cedarwood
Quinary (Fifth) - cedarwood
Senary (Sixth) - cedarwood
Septenary (Seventh) - cedarwood
 odor: Cooling, woody, sweet, green, camphoreous, fruity and musty
 flavor: Sweet, green, waxy, woody, cooling pulpy mouthfeel and citrus
Octonary (Eighth) - cedarwood
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