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Flavor Descriptors for ginger
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Primary (First) - ginger
FL/FR alpinia galanga oil
 odor: spicy
 flavor: galanga
FL/FR alpinia galanga rhizome extract
 odor: galanga
 flavor: galanga
FL/FR alpinia galanga rhizome oil CO2 extract
 odor: galanga
 flavor: galanga
FL galanga flavor
FL/FR galangal root oil
 odor: fresh camphor spicy woody laurel leaf cardamom ginger
 flavor: galanga
FL galangal root oleoresin
 odor: spicy balsam fresh woody
 flavor: galanga
FL ginger ale flavor
FL ginger beer flavor
FL ginger distillates
 flavor: ginger
FL ginger flavor
FLsauteed ginger flavor
FL ginger green tea flavor
FL/FR ginger infusions
 odor: ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL ginger lime flavor
FL ginger lychee flavor
FL/FR ginger oleoresin
 odor: ginger earthy musty citrus
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger oleoresin africa
 odor: woody spice herbal ginger terpene earthy citrus
 flavor: ginger
FL ginger peach flavor
FL ginger pineapple flavor
FL ginger root
 odor: ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root absolute
 odor: Woody with fresh sweet notes
 flavor: Fresh pungent, and woody
FL/FR ginger root essence
 odor: ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil
 odor: spicy woody terpene warm ginger citrus
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil brazil
 odor: spicy woody terpene warm ginger citrus
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil china
 odor: spicy ginger citrus woody terpene
 flavor: Ginger, spicy, woody, impacting citrus with a citrus bite
FL/FR ginger root oil CO2 extract
 odor: spicy ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil CO2 extract australia
 odor: spicy ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil cochin
 odor: citrus spicy ginger terpene woody
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil terpeneless
 odor: strong ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR ginger root oil terpeneless africa
 odor: strong ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL ginger snap flavor
FL ginger spice flavor
FL/FR zingerone
 odor: sweet spicy phenolic ginger vanilla woody
 flavor: Spicy with a biting, lingering heat
FL/FR zingiber officinale extract
 odor: ginger
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR zingiber officinale root extract
 odor: sweet ginger spice warm woody
 flavor: ginger
FL/FR zingiber officinale root tincture
 odor: sweet ginger spice warm woody
 flavor: ginger
Secondary (Second) - ginger
FL apple ginger flavor
FL citrus ginger flavor
FL coconut ginger flavor
FLspiced ginger flavor
FL grapefruit ginger flavor
FL gray ginger flavor
FL lemon ginger flavor
FL mango ginger flavor
FL peach ginger flavor
FL pear ginger flavor
FL/FR snake root oil canada
 odor: spicy ginger
 flavor: spicy ginger
FL yuzu ginger plum flavor
Tertiary (Third) - ginger
FL allspice flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - ginger
Quinary (Fifth) - ginger
FL/FR allspice oil
 odor: sweet spicy clove warm spice cabinet deep
 flavor: allspice
FL/FR croton eluteria bark oil
 odor: fresh spice woody black pepper sweet anise
 flavor: Spicy, woody, peppery, cola like, with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove notes and a smoky nuance
FL/FR frankincense oil
 odor: terpene incense old wood woody
 flavor: Intense, woody, peppery, citrusy, with a spicy ginger nuance
FL/FR pepper tree berry oil
 odor: Peppery, woody, spicy, ginger, aromatic, tropical and caryophyllene
 flavor: Peppery, woody, aromatic, seedy, bitting, ginger and juniper
Senary (Sixth) - ginger
FL/FR bergamot oil turkey
 odor: citrus woody orange linalyl acetate
 flavor: bergamot
Septenary (Seventh) - ginger
FL/FR bergamot oil bergaptene reduced italy
 odor: citrus floral woody orange linalyl acetate
 flavor: Citrus,floral, rosy, green, lemon and fatty with a ginger and lime nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - ginger
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