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Odor Descriptors for juniper
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Primary (First) - juniper
FL/FR angelica seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: gin pepper spicy ambrette musk herbal woody
 flavor: Gin, herbal, ambrette, musky and peppery with a fresh, woody nuance
FR juniparome (Takasago)
 odor: herbal woody rosemary juniper
FL/FR juniper absolute
 odor: woody juniper balsamic
FD juniper berry
 odor: herbal juniper
FL/FR juniper berry absolute
 odor: balsam woody terpene
 flavor: juniper
FR juniper berry concrete
 odor: rich balsam sweet ambergris
FR juniper berry fragrance
FL/FR juniper berry oil CO2 extract
 odor: green resinous balsamic juniper
 flavor: juniper
FR juniper berry oil replacer
 odor: terpenic aromatic
FL/FR juniper berry oil terpeneless
 odor: fresh earthy balsam carrot seed terpenic fir needle woody carrot caryophyllene
 flavor: woody earthy juniper carrot spicy balsamic
FR juniper berry oil terpenes
 odor: pine citrus camphor woody juniper
FL/FR juniper berry oleoresin
 odor: juniperberry woody spicy celery coffee toffee
 flavor: sweet woody toffee celery earthy coffee
FR juniper branch oil
 odor: terpenic green woody spicy
FR juniper fragrance
FR juniper needle oil
 odor: woody juniper fir spicy pine
FR juniper oil replacer
 odor: juniper
FR juniper sage fragrance
FR juniperus communis distillates
 odor: juniper
FL/FR juniperus communis fruit extract
 odor: juniper
 flavor: juniper
FL/FR juniperus communis fruit oil
 odor: fresh balsam terpene woody carrot fir peppery
 flavor: juniper
FL/FR juniperus communis fruit tincture
 odor: juniper
 flavor: juniper
FL/FR juniperus communis wood extract
 odor: juniper
 flavor: juniper
FR juniperus communis wood oil
 odor: juniper
Secondary (Second) - juniper
FR juniper needle oil
 odor: woody juniper fir spicy pine
Tertiary (Third) - juniper
FR juniper carboxaldehyde
 odor: herbal thuja juniper black currant
Quaternary (Fourth) - juniper
Quinary (Fifth) - juniper
FR herbal undecanone
 odor: natural herbal woody fruity absinthe pine juniperberry cedar raspberry
FR juniper berry oil terpenes
 odor: pine citrus camphor woody juniper
FL/FR mastic oil
 odor: terpene fresh balsam
 flavor: mastic
FR mastic oil replacer
 odor: mastic balsamic
FL/FR pepper tree berry oil
 odor: peppery woody spicy aromatic juniper mace tropical pine balsamic resinous
 flavor: peppery spicy woody juniper mace aromatic balsamic resinous seedy
FL/FR sage oil dalmatian
 odor: thujonic cedar eucalyptus rosemary juniper forest
 flavor: thujonic cedar herbal eucalyptus camphoreous minty balsamic woody
FL/FR thyme oil wild or creeping
 odor: fresh sharp terpene woody herbal
 flavor: thyme
Senary (Sixth) - juniper
FL/FR pine needle oil dwarf
 odor: pine balsam sweet woody spicy cypress juniperberry
 flavor: pine, camphoraceous, herbaceous
Septenary (Seventh) - juniper
Octonary (Eighth) - juniper
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