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Odor Descriptors for bay
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Primary (First) - bay
FL/FR bay essence
 odor: bay
 flavor: bay
 bay leaf oil anise
 bay leaf oil clove
 bay leaf oil lemon
FL/FR bay leaf oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet deep mellow spicy balsam
 flavor: bay spicy
FL bay leaf oleoresin
 odor: bay
 flavor: bay
FR bay leaf/fruit oil
 odor: bay
 flavor: bay
FR bay oil replacer
 odor: sweet spicy clove herbal waxy
FLsweet bay oleoresin
 odor: bay aromatic herbal spicy
 flavor: bay
FL laurus nobilis leaf powder
 odor: bay
 flavor: bay
FL/FR pimenta acris leaf oil
 odor: sweet spicy clove herbal waxy oily aldehydic aromatic metallic
 flavor: bay
Secondary (Second) - bay
FR bay oil terpenes
 odor: spicy bay
FR bay rum fragrance
FR bayberry fragrance
Tertiary (Third) - bay
FL/FR allspice oleoresin
 odor: sweet fresh spicy clove bay fatty aldehydic nutmeg woody
 flavor: spicy clove cinnamon nutmeg bay phenolic woody
FL/FR lauric acid
 odor: mild fatty coconut bay oil
FL/FR zanthoxylum piperitum fruit absolute CO2 extract
 odor: spicy fresh allspice bay citrus mandarin bergamot oriental metallic
 flavor: spicy allspice citrus bergamot tart zesty acetic bay warm
Quaternary (Fourth) - bay
FL/FR allspice oil
 odor: sweet spicy clove warm spice cabinet deep
 flavor: allspice
FR hollyberry fragrance
Quinary (Fifth) - bay
Senary (Sixth) - bay
Septenary (Seventh) - bay
Octonary (Eighth) - bay
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