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Odor Descriptors for ambrette
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Primary (First) - ambrette
FL/FR ambrette seed absolute
 odor: dry woody musk amber hay tobacco
 flavor: Woody, hay, dried fruit like, with musk and floral nuances
FL/FR ambrette seed oil
 odor: fresh musk amber powdery weedy
FL/FR ambrette seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: musk amber powdery weedy leathery animal
FR ambrette seed oil replacer
 odor: amber musk woody
FR ambrette seed resinoid
 odor: ambrette
FL/FR ambrette seed tincture
 odor: fresh ambrette amber
 flavor: ambrette
FL/FR ambrettolide
 odor: Sweet, soapy, perfume-like with a heavy fruity undertone
 flavor: Soapy, perfume-like with a fruity berry nuance
CS moskene (Givaudan)
 odor: sweet musk ambrette ketone powdery dry
Secondary (Second) - ambrette
 odor: sweet musk ambrette fruity waxy fatty
 flavor: musk waxy aundered cloth soapy fatty fruity creamy
CS musk ambrette
 odor: musty sweet ambrette seed
FR musk ambrette replacer
 odor: dry ambrette musk sweet
FR musk methyl propionate
 odor: musk ambrette
FR musk propanoate
 odor: musk ambrette fruity pear
CS versalide
 odor: sweet intense musk ambrette macrocyclic
Tertiary (Third) - ambrette
FR amber butanol
 odor: woody amber ambrette
FL/FR dehydro beta-linalool
 odor: sweet musk waxy ambrette dry woody
FL/FR dodecyl propionate
 odor: fruity winey ambrette
FL/FR ethylene brassylate
 odor: powdery sweet floral ambrette musk woody
 flavor: Musky, sweet, powdery, floral, vanilla and perfumey
Quaternary (Fourth) - ambrette
FR amber acetate
 odor: woody amber dry ambrette
FL/FR angelica seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: Gin, peppery, refreshing and spicy with an intense ambrette, musk-like nuance
 flavor: Gin, herbal, ambrette, musky and peppery with a fresh, woody nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - ambrette
FL/FR angelica root oil
 odor: weedy amber terpenic incense ambrette musk celery spice
 flavor: Green, herbal, ambrette and musk-like with vegetative, spicy nuances
FR rose petal acetate
 odor: moist rose petal peony magnolia ambrette seed effect
Senary (Sixth) - ambrette
FL/FR angelica seed oil
 odor: strong fresh terpenic peppery earthy spicy anisic ambrette woody musk soapy powdery
 flavor: fresh herbal terpenic ambrette peppery musk woody powdery carrot seed
Septenary (Seventh) - ambrette
Octonary (Eighth) - ambrette
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