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Odor Descriptors for acrylate
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Primary (First) - acrylate
CS ethyl methacrylate
 odor: acrylate
 methyl methacrylate
 odor: acrylic aromatic fruity
Secondary (Second) - acrylate
FL/FR allyl propionate
 odor: ethereal acrylate fruity wasabi ripe tropical ripe banana nut skin
 flavor: alliaceous wasabi acrylate tropical horseradish ethereal
CS ethyl acrylate
 odor: harsh plastic acrylate fruity
FL/FR mesityl oxide
 odor: musty, mildew, earthy, chemical, card board like with nutty, chocolate and woody nuances
 flavor: potato bin, raw and baked potato, jimica with raw vegetative, nutty and dirt like nuances
FLisomesityl oxide
 odor: pungent vegetable acrylic
Tertiary (Third) - acrylate
Quaternary (Fourth) - acrylate
FL/FR ethyl 3-(2-furyl) propanoate
 odor: sweet fruity pineapple balsam
 flavor: Pineapple, fruity, sweet slightly spicy, tropical, ripe and slightly jammy
 odor: oily green metallic acrylate tomato spicy
 flavor: sweet green plastic metallic weedy
FL4-penten-1-yl acetate
 odor: green plastic weedy acrylate vegetable metallic cooked meat sulfide
 flavor: sweet green vegetable weedy plastic grassy hay
Quinary (Fifth) - acrylate
Senary (Sixth) - acrylate
Septenary (Seventh) - acrylate
Octonary (Eighth) - acrylate
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