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Flavor Descriptors for cooked
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Primary (First) - cooked
FL gluconyl ethanolamine
 flavor: cooked brown roasted
FL lactoyl ethanolamine
 flavor: cooked roasted
 odor: sulfurous alliaceous smoky savory vegetable
 flavor: cooked roasted onion
Secondary (Second) - cooked
 thiothenoic acid 3-methyl ester
 flavor: cooked vegetable-like
Tertiary (Third) - cooked
FL/FR ethyl 2-mercaptopropionate
 odor: sulfury meaty green onion
 flavor: onion cooked garlic
CS hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower extract
 flavor: acidic astringent cooked fruity vegetable
FL lactoyl ethanolamine phosphate
 flavor: cooked brown roasted
Quaternary (Fourth) - cooked
FL/FR acetyl isobutyryl
 odor: Sweet, fruity, buttery, creamy, with a brown fatty nuance
 flavor: Sweet, creamy, fruity, buttery, with a cooked estry nuance
FL/FR benzothiazole
 odor: Sulfureous, rubbery, vegetative, cooked, brown, nutty, coffee-like and meaty
 flavor: Meaty, vegetative, brown, cooked, beefy and coffee-like
FL3-mercapto-2-methyl pentanol
 odor: sulfurous onion
 flavor: alliaceous brothy burnt cooked meaty metallic roasted sulfurous
FL/FR2-pentyl furan
 odor: Fruity, green, earthy beany with vegetable like nuances
 flavor: Green, waxy, with musty, cooked caramellic nuances
Quinary (Fifth) - cooked
Senary (Sixth) - cooked
Septenary (Seventh) - cooked
Octonary (Eighth) - cooked
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