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Odor Descriptors for tomato leaf
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Primary (First) - tomato leaf
FL/FR lemongrass oil guatemala
 odor: tomato leaf lemon grassy green lemon peel aldehydic herbal metallic
 flavor: citrus aldehydic green lemon spicy bois de rose grassy herbal
FR tomato leaf fragrance
Secondary (Second) - tomato leaf
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl (Z)-3-hexenoate
 odor: green tomato leaf pear melon metallic fennel tropical
 flavor: green fruity pear melon tropical banana peel tomato leaf metallic
FL/FR prenyl formate
 odor: ethereal tomato-leaf fruity rummy
Tertiary (Third) - tomato leaf
Quaternary (Fourth) - tomato leaf
FL/FR2-isobutyl thiazole
 odor: green wasabi privet tomato leaf earthy vegetable metallic
 flavor: Green, vegetable, tomato-like with raw musty nuances
Quinary (Fifth) - tomato leaf
FL/FR2-sec-butyl thiazole
 odor: raw green herbal
Senary (Sixth) - tomato leaf
FR bean hexene
 odor: fresh green dusty weedy cortex green bean tomato leaf
FR lemongrass fragrance
FL/FR lemongrass oil
 odor: fresh sweet lemon grassy green bois de rose tomato leaf
 flavor: Green, citrus, lemon, floral, linalool, spice and chamomile-like
FR lemongrass oil replacer
 odor: lemongrass
Septenary (Seventh) - tomato leaf
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity green pear apple tropical mango tomato leaf violet leaf
 flavor: sweet fruity spicy apple pear green asparagus green bean guava
Octonary (Eighth) - tomato leaf
FL propylene glycol acetone ketal
 odor: earthy ethereal green vegetable asparagus raw potato tomato tomato leaf
 flavor: green earthy ethereal vegetable musty tomato raw potato
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