Odor Descriptors for parsley
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Primary (First) - parsley
 apiole (parsley)
FL parsley flavor
 flavor: parsley
FL/FRcurled parsley herb oil
FL/FRcurled parsley leaf oil
 odor: fresh spicy leafy herbal woody
FL/FRcurled parsley leaf oil cuba
FL/FRcurled parsley seed oil
 odor: warm woody spicy sweet green herbal
FLcurled parsley seed oleoresin
 odor: parsley seed
 flavor: parsley
Secondary (Second) - parsley
Tertiary (Third) - parsley
Quaternary (Fourth) - parsley
FR jasmin pyranol
Quinary (Fifth) - parsley
FL sorbyl acetate
 odor: fresh green oily herbal pumpkin flesh parsley
 flavor: fresh green herbal soapy metallic
Senary (Sixth) - parsley
FR rose pyran
 odor: rose fresh green herbal phenolic bitter parsley
Septenary (Seventh) - parsley
Octonary (Eighth) - parsley
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