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Odor Descriptors for magnolia
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Primary (First) - magnolia
FR magnolia cyclohexanol
 odor: magnolia muguet floral lily
FR magnolia fragrance
FR magnolia specialty
 odor: floral fruity
FL/FR(Z)-methyl epi-jasmonate
 odor: floral fresh petal magnolia oily waxy
 flavor: Floral, fruity, green, waxy, seedy and melon-like
Secondary (Second) - magnolia
FR amyl cyclopentanone propanone
 odor: floral magnolia jasmin
FR freesia acetate
 odor: fresh lily magnolia sweet citrus freesia green
FR orchid magnolia fragrance
Tertiary (Third) - magnolia
FR dihexyl (E)-fumarate
 odor: fresh floral green magnolia plastic herbal cortex
FR magnolia decadienal
 odor: floral aldehydic magnolia lily muguet
FL/FR muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
FL/FRcis-muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
FR2-pentyl cyclopentan-1-ol
 odor: floral jasmin magnolia tea fruity
Quaternary (Fourth) - magnolia
FL/FR benzyl isoeugenol
 odor: mild spicy balsam carnation
 flavor: aromatic, balsamic, slightly spicy
FR rose petal acetate
 odor: moist rose petal peony magnolia ambrette seed effect
Quinary (Fifth) - magnolia
FL/FR geranyl acetone
 odor: fresh rose leaf floral green magnolia aldehydic fruity
 flavor: floral rose fresh soapy
FL/FR(E)-geranyl acetone
 odor: fresh green fruity waxy rose woody magnolia tropical
 flavor: Floral, fruity, fatty, green, pear, apple and banana with tropical nuances
FR magnolia indene
 odor: floral green grapefruit narcissus magnolia geranium gardenia
FR methyl bicycloheptenyl methyloxirane carboxylate
 odor: fruity floral sugary jasmin magnolia rose clover melon
Senary (Sixth) - magnolia
FL/FR nerol
 odor: sweet natural neroli citrus magnolia
 flavor: lemon, bitter, green and fruity with a terpy nuance
Septenary (Seventh) - magnolia
Octonary (Eighth) - magnolia
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