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Odor Descriptors for cyclamen
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Primary (First) - cyclamen
FL/FR cyclamen aldehyde
 odor: floral cyclamen fresh rhubarb musty green
 flavor: green tropical rhubarb watery oily cyclamen cortex phenolic
FR cyclamen fragrance
FR cyclamen specialty
 odor: floral cyclamen flower
FR2-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: cyclamen sweet herbal cumin mint woody orris ozone
FL/FR dihydrofarnesol
 odor: floral metallic cyclamen
FR magnolia decadienal
 odor: floral aldehydic magnolia lily muguet
FL/FR satinaldehyde
 odor: fresh cyclamen orange dry sweet aldehydic amber woody costus
 flavor: Orangeflower, sweet, floral, melon-like with a green fruity nuance
Secondary (Second) - cyclamen
(R)-ocean propanal
 odor: lily of the valley cyclamen aldehydic sweet fruity lemon
Tertiary (Third) - cyclamen
FR cyclamen propanal
 odor: fresh watery floral cyclamen sweet
FR4-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: floral orris cyclamen woody ozone fresh
FR leerall
 odor: floral muguet cyclamen rhubarb woody
Quaternary (Fourth) - cyclamen
FL/FR ocean propanal
 odor: watery fresh green ozone cyclamen hay
 flavor: fresh watery floral melon green lychee mango honeydew watermelon
Quinary (Fifth) - cyclamen
FR floral specialty
 odor: floral
 odor: floral lily of the valley aldehydic green cyclamen
FR rain fragrance
Senary (Sixth) - cyclamen
Septenary (Seventh) - cyclamen
FL3-(5-methyl-2-furyl) butanal
 odor: Green, vegetable, fruity with fatty nuances
 flavor: Green,fruity with fatty nuances
FR muguet dienal
 odor: floral waxy green watery muguet orchid cyclamen creamy
Octonary (Eighth) - cyclamen
FR peony alcohol
 odor: natural floral rose peony waxy mimosa
FR tangerine nitrile
 odor: sweet tangerine aldehydic fresh watery
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