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Odor Descriptors for citronella
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Primary (First) - citronella
FR citronella fragrance
FL/FR citronella oil
 odor: fresh sweet geraniol weedy woody
 flavor: citronella
FL/FR citronella oil ceylon
 odor: lemony grassy woody rose fresh wet leaves
 flavor: citronella
FR citronella oil china
 odor: citrus
 flavor: citronella
FR citronella oil java
 odor: fresh sweet geraniol weedy woody
FR citronella oil java replacer
 odor: citronella
FR citronella oil terpenes
 odor: citrus citronella
FR citronella oil zimbabwe
 odor: citrus citronella
 odor: citronella oil rose leaf oily petal
 odor: citronellal like, lemon, grapefruit, floral, and citrus
Secondary (Second) - citronella
FR citronellone
 odor: fresh citrus citronella floral ionones
FR ionone terpenes
 odor: sweet violet citronella
FL/FR melissa absolute replacer
 odor: melissa citrus citronella
FR melissa oil replacer
 odor: melissa
 melissa oil slovak republic
 odor: sweet citrus citronella java herbal
Tertiary (Third) - citronella
FR eucalyptus citriodora oil
 odor: fresh rosy citronella balsamic floral
FL melissa oil
 odor: sweet citrus citronella java herbal grassy
FR3-methyl-4-(2-methyl butyl oxy) butyraldehyde
 odor: citrus, floral citronellal, and green notes
Quaternary (Fourth) - citronella
FR hydroxycitronellal residue
FR[(4E,4Z)-5-methoxy-3-methyl-4-penten-1-yl] benzene
 odor: strong green, floral, rosy, and unique citronella, pamplemouse-like, and rhubarb-like notes
FL/FR palmarosa oil
 odor: sweet citrus grassy citronella geranium
 flavor: palmarosa
Quinary (Fifth) - citronella
Senary (Sixth) - citronella
Septenary (Seventh) - citronella
Octonary (Eighth) - citronella
FRalpha-methylene citronellal
 odor: petitgrain bergamot citrus fresh green woody
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