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Odor Descriptors for acetic
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Primary (First) - acetic
FL acetic acid
 flavor: pungent sour overripe fruit
FL/FR acetolein
FL formic acid
 odor: pungent vinegar formyl
 flavor: Acetic, astringent, fruity, mustard, bready, with a pyruvic acid nuance
Secondary (Second) - acetic
FL/FRisopropenyl acetate
 odor: ethereal acetic fruity sweet berry grape skin
 flavor: ethereal lactate grape skin sauerkraut green
FD propylene glycol diacetate
 odor: fruity acetic
 flavor: bitter sweet
Tertiary (Third) - acetic
FL acetoin butyrate
 odor: fruity cheese acetic creamy dried berry butter
 flavor: Creamy mouthfeel with creamy and custard-like notes
FL1-ethoxyethyl acetate
 odor: fresh fruity blueberry
Quaternary (Fourth) - acetic
Quinary (Fifth) - acetic
Senary (Sixth) - acetic
Septenary (Seventh) - acetic
Octonary (Eighth) - acetic
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