Typical G.C. analysis

thuja orientalis fruit oil
120.20iso bornyl acetate
32.20  camphene
162.50  cedrol
141.20  cuparene
81.40para- cymen-8-ol
101.30para- cymen-9-ol
170.50beta- eudesmol
22.30alpha- fenchene
130.30alpha- humulene
50.90  limonene
612.30beta- phellandrene
150.70beta-sesqui phellandrene
167.80alpha- pinene
110.10iso pulegyl acetate
42.00  sabinene
71.10gamma- terpinene
90.40alpha- terpineol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 292, (2000)
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