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Flavor Descriptors for pulpy
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Primary (First) - pulpy
FL/FR decen-1-yl cyclopentanone
 odor: fresh sweet apricot fruity plum peach tropical
 flavor: Pleasant, intense pulpy apricot and peach with floral nuances. It has green and woody notes with oily nuances
FL/FR grapefruit isolate
 odor: grapefruit
 flavor: pulpy grapefruit
Secondary (Second) - pulpy
Tertiary (Third) - pulpy
FL/FR citrus paradisi peel extract
 odor: Grapefruit, aldehydic, citrus orange, a slight sulfureous topnote and a nootketone dryout
 flavor: Citrus, juicy grapefruit with a pulpy mouthfeel
FL/FR lime essence oil
 odor: juicy sweet candy lime fresh green peel
 flavor: juicy lime fresh sweet pulpy
FL orange flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - pulpy
FL/FR boronia absolute
 odor: cassie violet warm sweet woody fresh fruity green
 flavor: Fruity, citrus, tutti-frutti, pulpy and honey
FL/FRblood orange oil italy
 odor: sweet orange citrus aldehydic terpenic tangerine pulpy
 flavor: sweet juicy citrus orange fruity pulpy tangerine aldehydic
FL/FRsweet orange peel oil c.p. brazil
 odor: orange fresh citrus juicy fruity aldehydic terpenic peely aromatic sweet
 flavor: orange
Quinary (Fifth) - pulpy
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl hexanoate
 odor: fruity green waxy pear winey tropical grassy pineapple
 flavor: Green, fruity, fatty, tropical and pulpy with citrus and green nuances
FLblood orange flavor
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil rectified (furo coumarin reduced)
 odor: fresh citrus bitter orange floral
 flavor: citrus orange terpenic aldehydic pulpy
FL/FR tropical 3-thiobutyrate
 odor: Tropical fruity, red fruit, pineapple with sulfurous, earthy, fatty and waxy nuances
 flavor: Mild sulfurous with tropical overripe fruity pulpy notes. Vegetative and cheesy nuances
Senary (Sixth) - pulpy
FL citrus flavor
FL/FR(E)-2-hexen-1-yl propionate
 odor: green fruity apple pear banana unripe banana tropical pulpy rhubarb
 flavor: green fruity oily leafy tropical pulpy grassy vegetable
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil
 odor: citrus orange dry terpenic aldehydic woody fresh leaf
 flavor: citrus orange terpenic tangerine aldehydic pulpy juicy
Septenary (Seventh) - pulpy
Octonary (Eighth) - pulpy
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