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Flavor Descriptors for cherry maraschino cherry
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Primary (First) - cherry maraschino cherry
FLbitter almond flavor
cherry bitter almondbitter almond oil replacer
 odor: cherry
 flavor: bitter almond
FLmaraschino cherry flavor
FL/FR ethyl benzoyl acetate
 odor: fruity cherry naphthyl hawthorn cumin phenolic almond spicy woody maraschino cherry
 flavor: fruity cherry berry cumin jammy tropical grape violet woody
Secondary (Second) - cherry maraschino cherry
FLbitter almond distillates
 flavor: almond bitter almond
FL amaretto cream flavor
FL apricot distillates
 flavor: apricot
FL/FR benzaldehyde propylene glycol acetal
 odor: bitter narcissus sweet naphthalic woody
 flavor: fruity maraschino cherry medicinal phenolic
FL caramel macchiato flavor
FL cherry laurel oil
 odor: strong sweet bitter almond
 flavor: bitter almond
FL cherry pit flavor
Tertiary (Third) - cherry maraschino cherry
FL/FRbitter almond oil
 odor: fruity bitter almond cherry maraschino cherry
 flavor: fruity cherry maraschino cherry tropical fruit rummy spicy
FL amaretto flavor
FL/FR benzaldehyde
 odor: strong sharp sweet bitter almond cherry
 flavor: fruity cherry maraschino cherry oily nutty woody tropical fruit
FL cherry cherry pit flavor
 odor: mild hawthorn phenolic plastic nutty
 flavor: fruity cherry maraschino cherry medicinal nutty phenolic
Quaternary (Fourth) - cherry maraschino cherry
FL berry almond flavor
Quinary (Fifth) - cherry maraschino cherry
 odor: powdery anisic almond phenolic
 flavor: powdery musty anisic almond
Senary (Sixth) - cherry maraschino cherry
Septenary (Seventh) - cherry maraschino cherry
Octonary (Eighth) - cherry maraschino cherry
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