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Odor Descriptors for gassy
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Primary (First) - gassy
FL diethyl disulfide
 odor: gassy ripe onion greasy garlic
 flavor: gassy onion
FL2-ethyl-5-methyl furan
 odor: fresh gassy burnt
 odor: gassy, tropical, grapefruit, muscat grape, grapes on the vine
 flavor: mushroom, meaty, roasted, nutty, toasted, and hazelnut
Secondary (Second) - gassy
FLsec-amyl mercaptan
FL3-pentane thiol
 odor: sulfurous gassy durian fruity roasted savory
 flavor: meaty brothy
FL/FR propyl mercaptan
 odor: cabbage natural gas sweet onion
Tertiary (Third) - gassy
FLisopropyl mercaptan
 odor: strong ripe onion gassy meaty sulfurous
 flavor: Soft-boiled egg yolk, hydrogen sulfide, rich mouth feel, strong poultry, leek and onion-like
Quaternary (Fourth) - gassy
FL2-hexyl thiophene
 odor: floral fruity gassy green meaty
 odor: sulfurous onion roasted gassy meaty
 flavor: Roasted meat, sulfurous and alliaceous with nuances of cabbage, coffee and pot roast with fatty drippings
Quinary (Fifth) - gassy
FL allyl thiopropionate
 odor: Fresh onion garlic-like with green gassy nuances
 flavor: Fresh onion with a green sweet vegetable nuance
Senary (Sixth) - gassy
 odor: green cooked vegetable tomato cooked turnup brothy gassy
 flavor: Green, tomato, fresh with herbal vegetable nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - gassy
Octonary (Eighth) - gassy
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