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Odor Descriptors for fecal
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Primary (First) - fecal
FLpara-anisic acid
 odor: faint putrid sweet cadaverous
Secondary (Second) - fecal
FR animal fragrance
FL/FR civet (natural)
 odor: civet animal fecal
 flavor: civet animal
FR civet absolute replacer
 odor: animal fecal civet
FR civet resinoid
 odor: civet animal fecal
FL/FRpara-cresyl caprylate
 odor: animal fecal hay ylang jasmin indole green
 flavor: animal fecal leathery herbal phenolic
FR hydroxycitronellal / skatole schiff's base
 odor: animal fecal
FR indoletal
 odor: animal indole earthy jasmin
FL/FR skatole
 odor: very strong animal fecal indole civet
Tertiary (Third) - fecal
FR indocolore (Firmenich)
 odor: animal floral fecal phenolic
FR indolall
 odor: animal fecal indole
Quaternary (Fourth) - fecal
FL/FR civet absolute
 odor: animal urine
 flavor: civet animal
FL/FR indole
 odor: animal floral moth ball fecal naphthelene
 flavor: Animal, fecal, naphthyl, with earthy, perfumey, phenolic and chemical nuances
Quinary (Fifth) - fecal
FR labdanum gum extract ethyl ester
 odor: ambergris old wood musty cistus fecal animal
Senary (Sixth) - fecal
FL/FR6-methyl quinoline
 odor: leather tonka castoreum tobacco civet fecal
 flavor: sweet animal tonka naphthyl tobacco anisic phenolic
Septenary (Seventh) - fecal
Octonary (Eighth) - fecal
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