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Odor Descriptors for cypress
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Primary (First) - cypress
FL/FRisobornyl phenyl acetate
 odor: cypress oil
FR cypress absolute
 odor: balsam fatty sweet pine amber
FR cypress cone oil egypt
 odor: balsamic
FR cypress essence
 odor: cypress
FR cypress leaf oil
 odor: fresh pine woody earthy olibanum dry spicy cedar
FRterpeneless cypress oil
 odor: woody
FR cypress oil replacer
 odor: herbal cypress
FR hexyl cinnamate
 odor: cypress cuminic acetate fruity balsam
Secondary (Second) - cypress
FR abies lasiocarpa oil canada
 odor: fresh woody fir cypress spruce balsam
Tertiary (Third) - cypress
Quaternary (Fourth) - cypress
FR terpinyl benzoate
 odor: fir tree balsamic ylang niobe cypress
Quinary (Fifth) - cypress
FR cinnamaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet cinnamon cypress
FL/FR hexyl benzoate
 odor: fresh balsam sappy clean woody
 flavor: sweet green fruity balsamic orchid metallic cilantro
FL/FR terpinyl formate
 odor: floral lavender citrus fruity cypress herbal woody
 flavor: dry fruity herbal terpenic spicy woody
Senary (Sixth) - cypress
FR cistus twig/leaf absolute
 odor: sweet balsam herbal ambergris cypress gourmand
Septenary (Seventh) - cypress
FL/FR pine needle oil dwarf
 odor: pine balsam sweet woody spicy cypress juniperberry
 flavor: pine, camphoraceous, herbaceous
Octonary (Eighth) - cypress
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