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Odor Descriptors for civet
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Primary (First) - civet
FL/FR civet (natural)
 odor: civet animal fecal
 flavor: civet animal
FL/FR civet absolute
 odor: animal urine
 flavor: civet animal
FR civet absolute replacer
 odor: animal fecal civet
FL/FR(Z)-civet decenone
 odor: clean musk dry animal sweet
 flavor: musk fatty soapy laundered cloth animal powdery
FR civet fragrance
FR civet resinoid
 odor: civet animal fecal
FL/FR civet tincture
 odor: animal urine
 flavor: civet
Secondary (Second) - civet
FL/FRpara-methyl tetrahydroquinoline
 odor: animal civet leather ambergris
Tertiary (Third) - civet
FR animal fragrance
 odor: honey civet animal phenolic
Quaternary (Fourth) - civet
FR procavia capensis excrete absolute
 odor: animalic musk castoreum civet tobacco agarwood
FL/FR skatole
 odor: very strong animal fecal indole civet
Quinary (Fifth) - civet
FL/FR6-methyl quinoline
 odor: leather tonka castoreum tobacco civet fecal
 flavor: sweet animal tonka naphthyl tobacco anisic phenolic
Senary (Sixth) - civet
FR musk amberol
 odor: dry powdery musk amber civet
FL/FR phenyl acetic acid
 odor: sweet honey floral honeysuckle sour waxy civet
 flavor: Sweet, floral, chocolate, honey and tobacco
Septenary (Seventh) - civet
Octonary (Eighth) - civet
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