Typical G.C. analysis

lavandula angustifolia flower oil
111.08beta- caryophyllene
123.74  caryophyllene oxide
23.321,8- cineole
101.95  geranyl acetate
95.49  lavandulyl acetate
520.98  linalool
41.98(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
32.44(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
62.76 linalool oxide pyranoid + borneol
826.54  linalyl acetate
11.08  myrcene
74.34alpha-terpineol + methyl chavicol

P. R. Venskutonis, Essential oil composition of some herbs cultivated in Lithuania. In: Flavours, fragrances and essential oils. Proceedings of the 13th International Congress of Flavours, Fragrances and Essential Oils, Istanbul, Turkey, October 1995, Edit., K. H. C. Baser, Vol. 2, pp. 108-123, Anadolu Univ. Press, Eskisehir, Turkey (1995).

P&F 25, No. 4, 55, (2000)

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