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Flavor Descriptors for seafood
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Primary (First) - seafood
FL caviar flavor
FL crab extract
 flavor: crab
FL crab flavor
 odor: Seafood-like, solvent, garlic and onion, pyridine like
 flavor: Seafood-like, clam and oyster fermented garlic and onion, mushroom and turkey
FL lobster extract
 flavor: lobster
FL lobster flavor
BBQ lobster flavor
FL scallop flavor
FL seafood flavor
Secondary (Second) - seafood
FL clam extract
FL clam flavor
FL/FR dimethyl sulfide
 odor: sulfury onion sweet corn vegetable cabbage tomato green radish
 flavor: Sulfurous, vegetative tomato, corn and asparagus with a dairy creaminess and a slight minty afternote
FL oyster flavor
FL shellfish flavor
FL shrimp flavor
Tertiary (Third) - seafood
FLfried crab flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - seafood
FL dicyclohexyl disulfide
 odor: Alliaceous, onion, egg, nut skin, coffee, clam, crab and coffee
 flavor: Onion, meaty, clam, crab, coffee and cocoa
Quinary (Fifth) - seafood
 odor: Sharp and acetone-like and fruity, phenolic and fishy with a chemical glue nuance
 flavor: Musty, stale water and phenolic with a fishy and shell fish nuance
Senary (Sixth) - seafood
Septenary (Seventh) - seafood
Octonary (Eighth) - seafood
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