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Odor Descriptors for tuberose
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Primary (First) - tuberose
FR jasmin cyclopentanol
 odor: floral green fruity natural waxy jasmin tropical banana
 odor: floral jasmin gardenia tuberose
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangeflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from pommade)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR tuberose absolute chassis
 odor: heavy floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FR tuberose absolute replacer
 odor: tuberose
FR tuberose acetate
 odor: tuberose ylang sweet fruity dry weedy
FR tuberose concrete
 odor: tuberose
FR tuberose fragrance
FL/FR tuberose oil
 odor: floral tuberose
 flavor: tuberose
FR tuberose specialty
 odor: floral tuberose
Secondary (Second) - tuberose
FL/FR linalyl benzoate
 odor: broom tuberose genet bergamot lily heather
FR mimusops elengi flower oil
 odor: sweet orangeflower tuberose minty balsamic
FR mimusops elengi flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet orangeflower tuberose heavy
Tertiary (Third) - tuberose
FL/FR ethyl ortho-anisate
 odor: floral ylang tuberose fruity raspberry
FL/FR genet absolute
 odor: sweet hay honey tuberose tea tropical tobacco
 flavor: Sweet, hay, warm herbal, tea, with a woody herbal nuance
Quaternary (Fourth) - tuberose
FR gardenia concrete
 odor: fatty floral fresh green tuberose sweet gardenia
FL/FRisopulegyl formate
 odor: minty green leaf tuberose
FL/FR tuberolide
 odor: waxy lactonic metallic tuberose plum
Quinary (Fifth) - tuberose
CS amyl cyclopentenone
 odor: woody isojasmone jasmin tuberose
FR honeysuckle absolute
 odor: sweet fatty floral jasmin orangeflower tuberose
FL/FR jasmin lactone (IFF)
 odor: oily fruity petal floral absolute jasmin tuberose peach apricot coconut
FL/FR2-methyl undecanal (aldehyde C-12 mna)
 odor: fresh amber aldehydic moss citrus tuberose metallic waxy coumarinic
 flavor: Waxy, fatty, metallic, with citrus nuances
Senary (Sixth) - tuberose
Septenary (Seventh) - tuberose
FR3-butyl bicyclo[3.2.1]octan-2-one
 odor: strong coconut, lactonic, woody, minty, jasmine cis like, anisic, and tuberose notes
FL/FR petal pyranone
 odor: oily fruity coconut floral petal absolute jasmin tuberose peach apricot
Octonary (Eighth) - tuberose
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