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Odor Descriptors for clover
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Primary (First) - clover
FL/FR butyl salicylate
 odor: harsh clover ethyl benzoate
FL/FRisobutyl salicylate
 odor: clover herbal orchid floral
 flavor: Sweet, cooling, spicy with fruity nuances
FR clover fragrance
FR clover nitrile
 odor: orchid clover narcissus balsam styrax
FRisopropyl salicylate
 odor: vine clover orchid
Secondary (Second) - clover
FRsouthern magnolia leaf oil fractions
FR propyl salicylate
 odor: vine clover fruity plum
Tertiary (Third) - clover
Quaternary (Fourth) - clover
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde solution
 odor: green floral rose clover
Quinary (Fifth) - clover
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde
 odor: green sweet floral hyacinth clover honey cocoa
 flavor: Honey, sweet, floral, chocolate and cocoa, with a spicy nuance
FR salicynile (Firmenich)
 odor: floral orchid metallic herbal clover green waxy marine
Senary (Sixth) - clover
FR amaryllis fragrance
 odor: floral green cortex orchid seedy clover
Septenary (Seventh) - clover
FR methyl bicycloheptenyl methyloxirane carboxylate
 odor: fruity floral sugary jasmin magnolia rose clover melon
Octonary (Eighth) - clover
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