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Odor Descriptors for cloth laundered cloth
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Primary (First) - cloth laundered cloth
FR cyclododecyl formate
 odor: fresh clean cloths sweet woody
FR decyl methyl ether
 odor: fresh air clean laundered cloths sweet
Secondary (Second) - cloth laundered cloth
FR citrus linen fragrance
FR clean linen fragrance
FRclean cotton fragrance
FR decyl vinyl ether
 odor: clean waxy rose fresh laundry powdery
FL/FR dodecyl acetate
 odor: sweet fresh laundared cloths clean waxy
 flavor: sweet oily waxy soapy clean creamy mushroom
FR musk dec-8-enone
 odor: musk clean laundered cloth dry balsamic waxy animal floral tobacco
FR musk dodecane
 odor: dry musk clean cloth soft
 odor: fresh waxy clean cloth cotton sarsaparilla
 flavor: waxy fatty clean oily fresh fishy nut flesh tallow
FL/FR10-undecen-1-yl acetate
 odor: fresh clean laundered cloths rose
 flavor: greasy fatty, waxy with grilled meaty and dairy cheesy notes with good mouth feel and hints of red licorice fruity nuances
Tertiary (Third) - cloth laundered cloth
FL/FR decyl acetate
 odor: waxy clean fresh laundered cloths citrus soapy
 flavor: Waxy, soapy and fatty
 odor: fruity floral wet cloth
 odor: fresh clean citrus waxy aldehydic clean laundry
Quaternary (Fourth) - cloth laundered cloth
FR aldehydic specialty
 odor: aldehydic
FR fresh & clean fragrance
FL/FR mandarine undecenal
 odor: aldehydic waxy clean laundered cloth ozone green mandarin citrus metallic
 flavor: waxy citrus rind costus aldehydic oily clean greasy creamy
FR marine carbonitrile
 odor: ozone citrus clean linen
 odor: fresh waxy rose soapy clean clothes floral citrus
 flavor: aldehydic soapy waxy sweet
Quinary (Fifth) - cloth laundered cloth
 odor: musk animal powdery fatty laundered cloth ambergris anisic woody
FR(E)-12-musk decenone
 odor: sweet musk waxy dry powdery laundered cloth metallic animal tropical
Senary (Sixth) - cloth laundered cloth
 odor: aldehydic muguet green fresh and clean cloth laundered cloth
FR orange nitrile
 odor: orange green sea algae watery clean cloths oily
Septenary (Seventh) - cloth laundered cloth
FRspring rain fragrance
 odor: mild waxy clean watery cilantro rue citrus rind laundered cloth fatty
 flavor: waxy fatty citrus rind rue cilantro cucumber skin earthy metallic
FL/FR undecanal
 odor: waxy soapy floral aldehydic citrus green fatty fresh laundry
 flavor: Waxy, aldehydic, soapy with a citrus note and slight laundry detergent nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - cloth laundered cloth
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