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Odor Descriptors for banana ripe banana
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Primary (First) - banana ripe banana
Secondary (Second) - banana ripe banana
Tertiary (Third) - banana ripe banana
(Z)-5-octen-1-yl 3-methyl butyrate
 odor: fruit flesh melon ripe banana smooth sour woody
Quaternary (Fourth) - banana ripe banana
Quinary (Fifth) - banana ripe banana
FL/FRisoamyl acetoacetate
 odor: ethereal sweet wine green fermented
 flavor: green apple
 odor: alcoholic, fusel, fermented, chocking and musty with sweet white wine top notes with over ripe banana and yellow apple nuances
 flavor: musty, fusel, alcoholic, white wine like with solventy fruity notes of ripe banana and apple, tropical nuances and melon rind
Senary (Sixth) - banana ripe banana
Septenary (Seventh) - banana ripe banana
Octonary (Eighth) - banana ripe banana
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