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Flavor Descriptors for bouillon
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Primary (First) - bouillon
FL bouillon flavor
FL bouillon, vegetable, smoke
 flavor: bouillon vegetable smoky
FL/FR meaty dithiane
 odor: pork lamb chicken savory bouillon onion
 flavor: meaty pork
Secondary (Second) - bouillon
Tertiary (Third) - bouillon
Quaternary (Fourth) - bouillon
 flavor: umami sweet salty brothy bouillon
Quinary (Fifth) - bouillon
FL methionol
 odor: SuIfureous and onion-like with a sweet, savory, soupy-cooked vegetable nuance
 flavor: Onion- and garlic-like, with a savory bouillion-like note
Senary (Sixth) - bouillon
FL allyl mercaptan
 odor: Sulfurous and alliaceous, sauteed onion and garlic, roasted, grilled and charred meaty nuances
 flavor: Alliaceous onion, garlic and leek. It has meaty bouillon savory nuances
FL/FR carvyl propionate
 odor: minty fruity metallic spearmint creamy mossy candy spicy
 flavor: minty green spearmint vegetable creamy bouillon spicy metallic
Septenary (Seventh) - bouillon
Octonary (Eighth) - bouillon
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