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Odor Descriptors for sawdust
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Primary (First) - sawdust
FR patchouli ethanol
 odor: dry sawdust woody patchouli camphor mint
FR timber propanol
 odor: dry sawdust woody powdery amber sandalwood
Secondary (Second) - sawdust
FL/FR bornyl valerate
 odor: Woody oak and sawdust, berry seedy, spicy with a camphoreous nuance
 flavor: Woody, sawdust-like, with dry tobacco and tea nuances
FR sandalwood specialty
 odor: sandalwood
Tertiary (Third) - sawdust
FR2-methyl-1-(5',5',6'-trimethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2'-yl) propan-2-ol
 odor: woody, mossy, tree bark, and patchouli notes
FR oak wood specialty
FRlariciu pine needle oil
 odor: terpenic woody sawdust fruity apple green
FR woody carboxylate
 odor: woody dry clean mahogany dank sawdust
Quaternary (Fourth) - sawdust
FR balsam fragrance
FR bamboo fragrance
FR bark fragrance
 odor: woody dry balsamic sawdust rooty cortex
Quinary (Fifth) - sawdust
FL methyl phenyl sulfide
 odor: Toluene solvent, spicy, pungent, woody sawdust
 flavor: Solventy, woody, roasted coffee
FR methyl sandal
 odor: woody autumn sweet sandalwood sawdust
FR thujopsis dolabrata wood oil
 odor: fresh sweet cedarwood woody dry cedar sawdust dusty phenolic earthy
 flavor: woody cedar dry earthy sawdust spicy resinous incense
Senary (Sixth) - sawdust
FR verdoxan
 odor: old wood earthy fruity green herbal sawen wood
Septenary (Seventh) - sawdust
Octonary (Eighth) - sawdust
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