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Odor Descriptors for reseda
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Primary (First) - reseda
FR reseda absolute
 odor: herbal green sweet watercress spicy
FR reseda absolute pomade
FR reseda absolute replacer
 odor: green reseda fresh violet
FR reseda fragrance
FD tagetes erecta flower oleoresin
 odor: green mignonette
Secondary (Second) - reseda
 ethyl decine carbonate
 odor: mignonette waxy
FL/FR leafy acetal
 odor: green reseda leafy hyacinth herbal
 flavor: fresh green oily aromatic slightly floral fruity fungal
 odor: fresh herbal reseda green rose
Tertiary (Third) - reseda
FR reseda acetal
 odor: hyacinth narcissus reseda sweet pea green bean
Quaternary (Fourth) - reseda
FL/FR3-nonanon-1-yl acetate
 odor: fruity floral waxy mignonette
 flavor: peach
Quinary (Fifth) - reseda
Senary (Sixth) - reseda
Septenary (Seventh) - reseda
Octonary (Eighth) - reseda
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl mignonette hyacinth balsam
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamon, balsamic, fruity, winey and honey-like with floral nuances
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