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Odor Descriptors for humus
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Primary (First) - humus
FL/FR geosmin
 odor: freshly plowed soil earthy
 flavor: earthy humus dirty weedy wet turnup
 odor: earthy musty dirt
 odor: earthy musty
 odor: earthy soil humus dirt
FL vaccinium macrocarpon fruit puree
Secondary (Second) - humus
FR earth fragrance
FR(+)-2-ethyl fenchol
 odor: earthy humus
FR2-ethyl fenchol + arbanol
 odor: earthy soil
FL/FR2-ethyl hexyl acetate
 odor: earthy herbal humus undergrowth
FR huminol M
 odor: powderful humid wet earthy dirt rooty
FR tiglyl tiglate
 odor: damp forest soil fungus mushroom anise flowery leaf buds
Tertiary (Third) - humus
FL/FR geosmin
 odor: fresh musty earthy soil
FR root fragrance
Quaternary (Fourth) - humus
FR celery undecene
 odor: aromatic herbal natural celery cumin soil natural forest
Quinary (Fifth) - humus
FR fungus fragrance
Senary (Sixth) - humus
FL/FR2-ethyl fenchol
 odor: earthy ground rooty damp musty camphor
 flavor: earthy minty fir needle rooty humus mushroom potato tea
FR rain forest specialty
 odor: rain forest
Septenary (Seventh) - humus
 odor: fresh fungal fruity genuine mushroom earthy violet melon humus
 flavor: sweet mushroom fungal earthy floral violet melon
Octonary (Eighth) - humus
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