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Odor Descriptors for costus
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Primary (First) - costus
FL costus root absolute
 odor: orris green hairy woody unripe melons
FL costus root oil
 odor: orris green hairy woody unripe melons
 flavor: costus
FL costus root oil CO2 extract
 odor: orris green hairy woody unripe melons
 flavor: costus
FR costus root oil replacer
 odor: costus
FL costus root resinoid
 odor: orris green hairy woody unripe melons
FR costus specialty
 odor: soft old precious wood animal sebaceous
FR costus valerolactone
 odor: warm fatty animal costus root coconut
Secondary (Second) - costus
FL/FR methyl (E)-2-octenoate
 odor: hairy costus sweet fruity pear oily waxy violet
 flavor: Fruity, green, sweet waxy with a fresh tropical note
Tertiary (Third) - costus
FR animal specialty
 odor: animal musk costus woody tabic aldehydic
Quaternary (Fourth) - costus
FR rhubarb pyran
 odor: floral fruity rhubarb costus woody rooty
Quinary (Fifth) - costus
FL elecampane root oil
 odor: woody rooty dry sweet amber costus
FR manevoro oil
 odor: sweet woody herbal patchouli orris costus atlas cedar cistus
Senary (Sixth) - costus
FR marine pyridine
 odor: fresh air watery buttery clean wet costus metallic
FR petitgrain heptane
 odor: herbal citrus licorice petitgrain animal costus
Septenary (Seventh) - costus
Octonary (Eighth) - costus
FL/FR satinaldehyde
 odor: fresh cyclamen orange dry sweet aldehydic amber woody costus
 flavor: Orangeflower, sweet, floral, melon-like with a green fruity nuance
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