Typical G.C. analysis

baccharis genistelloides oil
22.60  camphene
46.80  carquejol
569.20  carquejyl acetate
16.40alpha- pinene
38.40beta- pinene

L. Bauer, G. A. de A. Brasil e Silva, N. C. S. de Siqueira, C. T. M. Bacha and B. M. S. Sant’Ana, 0s Oleos Essenciais de Baccharis dracunculifolia DC e Baccharis genistelloides Pers, do Rio Grande do Sul. Rev. Centro Cienc. Saude, 6, (3/4), 7-12 (1978).

P&F 11, No. 6, 39, (1986)

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