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Odor Descriptors for lychee
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Primary (First) - lychee
FR lychee fragrance
FL/FR lychee mercaptan acetate
 odor: Sulfureous, green, spicy, pungent and vegetative with a tropical nuance
 flavor: Sulfureous, tropical, biting vegetative and fruity
Secondary (Second) - lychee
Tertiary (Third) - lychee
FR citronellyl ethoxalate
 odor: sweet lily muguet rose aldehydic lychee waxy
FR elder flower fragrance
Quaternary (Fourth) - lychee
Quinary (Fifth) - lychee
FL/FR4-tropical oxathiane
 odor: onion garlic which developed into fruity and sweet notes with exotic characters of lychee fruit and Asian pear
 flavor: pineapple milky mango grape citrus bubble gum melon orangeflower cassis alliaceous bacon
Senary (Sixth) - lychee
Septenary (Seventh) - lychee
FL/FRgreen cognac oil
 odor: fresh green fruity winey fusel fatty waxy lychee
 flavor: green winey fusel fatty waxy hairy
Octonary (Eighth) - lychee
FR fruit specialty
 odor: fruity
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