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Odor Descriptors for loganberry
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Primary (First) - loganberry
FR loganberry fragrance
FR loganberry specialty
 odor: loganberry
FL/FR rubus ursinus var. loganobaccus extract
Secondary (Second) - loganberry
Tertiary (Third) - loganberry
FL/FRisopropyl hexanoate
 odor: fruity pineapple loganberry berry
Quaternary (Fourth) - loganberry
Quinary (Fifth) - loganberry
Senary (Sixth) - loganberry
FL/FR benzyl butyrate
 odor: fresh fruity jasmin apricot loganberry
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, tropical, plum, pear, pineapple, apricot
Septenary (Seventh) - loganberry
Octonary (Eighth) - loganberry
FR lime pyran
 odor: citrus saffron green lime terpene
 flavor: Candy sweet, citrus lime and lemon, with a woody tropical longan type nuances
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