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Odor Descriptors for lily of the valley
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Primary (First) - lily of the valley
FL/FR citronellyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh sweet waxy floral aldehydic honeysuckle muguet
 flavor: Citrus, bitter, floral with a slight soapy and woody nuance
FR cyclamen aldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh lily of the valley neroli orange flower
FR lily of the valley absolute
 odor: fatty floral
FR lily of the valley fragrance
FR lily of the valley specialty
 odor: lily of the valley
FR lily propanol
 odor: floral lily of the valley green tropical
 odor: lily of the valley
 odor: lily of the valley
 odor: lily of the valley
(R)-ocean propanal
 odor: lily of the valley cyclamen aldehydic sweet fruity lemon
Secondary (Second) - lily of the valley
FR citronellyl (R)-lactate
 odor: floral lily of the valley warm rich natural
FR muguet propanol
 odor: floral lily of the valley woody
Tertiary (Third) - lily of the valley
FR corps popinal
 odor: floral lily of the valley
FL/FR linalyl phenyl acetate
 odor: rose sweet honey sick neroli rose
 odor: floral aldehydic muguet lily of the valley
FR muguet butanol
 odor: floral muguet green rose mentholic
Quaternary (Fourth) - lily of the valley
FR muguet ethanol
 odor: floral muguet waxy lily of the valley rose
Quinary (Fifth) - lily of the valley
FR floral butanal
 odor: floral green muguet linden flower lily of the valley fresh
Senary (Sixth) - lily of the valley
FL/FR methyl 2-methyl butyrate
 odor: ethereal estery fruity tutti frutti green apple lily of the valley powdery fatty
 flavor: ethereal estery fruity apple green pear tropical floral
Septenary (Seventh) - lily of the valley
FL/FR adoxal (Givaudan)
 odor: fresh aldehydic floral waxy watery
 flavor: waxy aldehydic floral nasturtium soapy watery metallic
FL/FR hydroxycitronellal dimethyl acetal
 odor: lily rose acetate waxy green
 flavor: floral waxy soapy tropical
Octonary (Eighth) - lily of the valley
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