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Odor Descriptors for cologne
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Primary (First) - cologne
FR cologne fragrance
FR cologne specialty
 odor: cologne
Secondary (Second) - cologne
FR dimyrcetol (IFF)
 odor: fresh lime cologne herbal air marine
FRhomogeranyl nitrile
 odor: lemon cologne metallic
Tertiary (Third) - cologne
FR neryl ethyl ether
 odor: clean rose cologne
Quaternary (Fourth) - cologne
FR citrus ocimenol acetate
 odor: herbal citrus weedy cologne woody
FR dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
 odor: fresh herbal woody lime cologne soapy
FR lime fragrance
FR lime specialty
 odor: citrus lime
FL/FR ocimenol
 odor: fresh citrus lemon lime cologne sweet mace
FR ocimen-1-yl acetate
 odor: herbal citrus lavender cologne bergamot floral
Quinary (Fifth) - cologne
FR citronellyl ethyl ether
 odor: fresh clean rose citrus cologne floral
FL/FR dihydromyrcenol
 odor: fresh citrus lime floral clean cologne weedy
 flavor: green aldehydic herbal terpenic soapy lime tropical
FL/FR dihydroterpinyl acetate
 odor: pine citrus woody lime cologne
FL/FR lime oil distilled mexico
 odor: fresh lime sweet floral aldehydic terpene cologne tart woody
 flavor: Lime, waxy, candy peely with a citral and terpy nuance
FR lime oil replacer
 odor: lime terpenic
Senary (Sixth) - cologne
FL/FR sandal cyclopropane
 odor: tropical woody fatty sandalwood herbal cologne floral
 flavor: amber musk woody clean herbal floral clary sage sandalwood
Septenary (Seventh) - cologne
Octonary (Eighth) - cologne
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