Typical G.C. analysis

tagetes minuta flower oil zambia
100.80cis- carvyl acetate
82.20iso caryophyllene
430.00  dihydrotagetone
90.50  germacrene B
18.30  limonene
70.50  linalool
30.40(E)-beta- ocimene
223.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
56.30(E)- tagetone
614.10(Z)- tagetone

E. H. Chisowa, D. R. Hall and D. L. Farman, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Tagetes minuta L. from Zambia. J. Essent. Oil Res., 10, 183-184 (1998).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

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