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Name:2-aminopropanoic acid
CAS Number: 302-72-7Picture of molecule3D/inchi
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg:206-126-4
Nikkaji Web:J1.276I
Beilstein Number:1720250
CoE Number:11729
XlogP3:-3.00 (est)
Molecular Weight:89.09419000
Formula:C3 H7 N O2
BioActivity Summary:listing
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Category:flavoring agents and adjuvants, curing and pickling agents, flavor enhancers
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JECFA Food Flavoring:1437 DL-alanine
DG SANTE Food Flavourings:17.024 DL-alanine
FEMA Number:3818 DL-alanine
FDA:No longer provide for the use of these seven synthetic flavoring substances
FDA Mainterm (SATF):302-72-7 ; DL-ALANINE
FDA Regulation:
Subpart F--Flavoring Agents and Related Substances
Sec. 172.540 DL-Alanine.
Physical Properties:
Appearance:white crystalline powder (est)
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: Yes
Melting Point: 289.00 to 300.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 212.00 to 216.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Vapor Pressure:0.066000 mmHg @ 25.00 °C. (est)
Flash Point: 180.00 °F. TCC ( 82.22 °C. )
logP (o/w): -2.960
Soluble in:
 water, 1.66E+05 mg/L @ 25 °C (exp)
Similar Items:note
Organoleptic Properties:
Odor Type: odorless
Odor Strength:none
Odor Description:at 100.00 %. odorless
Flavor Type: sweet
Taste Description: sweet
Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found).
Cosmetic Information:
CosIng:cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: antistatic agents
hair conditioning
skin conditioning
Anhui Haibei
BBFY Industrial
BOC Sciences
For experimental / research use only.
H-DL-Ala-OH 95%
Glentham Life Sciences
Penta International
DL-Alanine, ≥99%, FCC, FG
Certified Food Grade Products
For experimental / research use only.
DL-Alanine >98.5%(T)
Safety Information:
Preferred SDS: View
European information :
Most important hazard(s):
None - None found.
S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children.
S 24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
Not determined
Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
Safety in Use Information:
flavoring agents and adjuvants, curing and pickling agents, flavor enhancers
Recommendation for dextro,laevo-alanine usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Maximised Survey-derived Daily Intakes (MSDI-EU): 115.00 (μg/capita/day)
Use levels for FEMA GRAS flavoring substances on which the FEMA Expert Panel based its judgments that the substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
The Expert Panel also publishes separate extensive reviews of scientific information on all FEMA GRAS flavoring substances and can be found at FEMA Flavor Ingredient Library
publication number: 18. Update in publication number(s): 25
Click here to view publication 18
 average usual ppmaverage maximum ppm
baked goods: 78.00000375.00000
beverages(nonalcoholic): 50.00000250.00000
beverages(alcoholic): 50.00000150.00000
breakfast cereal: 50.00000150.00000
cheese: 10.0000020.00000
chewing gum: 5.0000010.00000
condiments / relishes: 20.00000100.00000
confectionery froastings: 25.00000100.00000
egg products: 50.00000250.00000
fats / oils: 10.0000030.00000
fish products: 50.00000250.00000
frozen dairy: 60.00000200.00000
fruit ices: 10.0000020.00000
gelatins / puddings: 50.00000150.00000
granulated sugar: --
gravies: 200.000001000.00000
hard candy: 50.00000200.00000
imitation dairy: 50.00000150.00000
instant coffee / tea: 100.00000500.00000
jams / jellies: 5.0000010.00000
meat products: 100.00000500.00000
milk products: 50.00000150.00000
nut products: 75.00000225.00000
other grains: 10.0000020.00000
poultry: 100.00000500.00000
processed fruits: 10.0000030.00000
processed vegetables: 5.0000010.00000
reconstituted vegetables: 5.0000010.00000
seasonings / flavors: 2000.000004000.00000
snack foods: 100.00000200.00000
soft candy: 25.00000100.00000
soups: 100.00000500.00000
sugar substitutes: 10.0000020.00000
sweet sauces: 25.00000100.00000
Safety References:
European Food Safety Athority(EFSA):Flavor usage levels; Subacute, Subchronic, Chronic and Carcinogenicity Studies; Developmental / Reproductive Toxicity Studies; Genotoxicity Studies...

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reference(s):

Amino acids from chemical group 34 Flavouring Group Evaluation 26, Revision 1 - Scientific opinion of the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in contact with Food (AFC)
View page or View pdf

Flavouring Group Evaluation 29 (FGE29)[1] - Substance from the priority list: Vinylbenzene from chemical group 31 - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food (AFC)
View page or View pdf

Flavouring Group Evaluation 79, (FGE.79)[1] - Consideration of amino acids and related substances evaluated by JECFA (63rd meeting) structurally related to amino acids from chemical group 34 evaluated by EFSA in FGE.26Rev1 (2008)
View page or View pdf

Scientific Report of EFSA on the risk assessment of salts of authorised acids, phenols or alcohols for use in food contact materials [1]
View page or View pdf

Scientific Opinion on Flavouring Group Evaluation 49, Revision 1 (FGE.49Rev1): xanthine alkaloids from the priority list
View page or View pdf

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Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary :602
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WGK Germany:1
2-aminopropanoic acid
RTECS:AY2980000 for cas# 302-72-7
 2-aminopropanoic acid
NIST Chemistry WebBook:Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List:302-72-7
Pubchem (cid):602
Pubchem (sid):135017424
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KEGG (GenomeNet):C01401
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Export Tariff Code:2922.49.4010
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VCF-Online:VCF Volatile Compounds in Food
Potential Blenders and core components note
None Found
Potential Uses:
 antistatic agents
 hair conditioning
 skin conditioning
Occurrence (nature, food, other):note
 found in nature
DL-alanine FCC
 alanine, DL-
2-aminopropanoic acid
a-aminopropanoic acid
dextro,laevo-2-aminopropanoic acid
DL-aminopropanoic acid
DL-2-aminopropanoic acid
(±)-2-aminopropionic acid
dextro,laevo-alpha-aminopropionic acid
DL-2-aminopropionic acid
DL-a-aminopropionic acid
DL-alpha-aminopropionic acid
 propanoic acid, 2-amino-


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Dietary supplement, nutrient, sweetening flavour enhancer in pickling spice mixts. Alanine (abbreviated as Ala or A) is an alpha-amino acid with the chemical formula CH3CH(NH2)COOH. The L-isomer is one of the 22 proteinogenic amino acids, i.e., the building blocks of proteins. Its codons are GCU, GCC, GCA, and GCG. It is classified as a nonpolar amino acid. L-Alanine is second only to leucine in rate of occurrence, accounting for 7.8% of the primary structure in a sample of 1,150 proteins. D-Alanine occurs in bacterial cell walls and in some peptide antibiotics. (Wikipedia)
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