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Odor Descriptors for mandarin
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Primary (First) - mandarin
FL/FR citrus nobilis fruit extract
 odor: mandarin
FL/FR citrus nobilis peel extract
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR citrus reticulata blanco var. mandarin oil molecular distilled
 odor: floral citrus mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR ethyl methyl anthranilate
 odor: soft sweet mandarin petitgrain
FL/FR mandarin essence
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FR mandarin fragrance
 odor: mandarin
FRclementine mandarin fragrance
FR mandarin lemon fagrance
FL/FR mandarin oil
 odor: citrus floral mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil (citrus reticulata blanco var. mandarin) japan
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil (citrus reticulata nova var. mandarin) uruguay
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil (citrus reticulata var. ponkan)
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil argentina
 odor: fresh orange mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
 mandarin oil avana
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil decolorized
 odor: floral citrus mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FRclementine mandarin oil decolorized
 odor: citrus mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil folded
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FRclementine mandarin oil folded
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil italy
 odor: floral citrus mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FR mandarin oil replacer
 odor: mandarin
FL/FRterpeneless mandarin oil
 odor: dimethyl anthranilate mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FL/FR mandarin oil terpenes
FL/FRclementine mandarin oil terpenes
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FRking mandarin orange peel oil expressed
 odor: mandarin
FL/FRclementine mandarin peel oil
 odor: mandarin
 flavor: mandarin
FR mandarin rose fragrance
FR mandarin specialty
 odor: powerful fresh citrus aldehydic mandarin
FL/FR petitgrain mandarin oil replacer
 odor: sweet deep fruity grape floral plum narcissus phenolic
 flavor: citrus mandarin tangerine plum floral grape phenolic
FL/FR petitgrain mandarin oil terpeneless
 odor: dimethyl anthranilate grape
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FRclementine petitgrain oil
 odor: fruity fresh zesty green aldehydic honey fatty
 flavor: mandarin petitgrain
FR(E)-3,12-tridecadiene nitrile
 odor: mandarin
FR yuzu specialty
 odor: citrus mandarin grapefruit
Secondary (Second) - mandarin
FL/FR citrus unshiu peel oil
 odor: mandarin tangerine
 odor: citrus metallic mandarin orange waxy aldehydic
 flavor: waxy citrus peel aldehydic bitter orange mandarin cilantro fatty herbal
 odor: bitter orange mandarin coriander
FL/FR mandarine undecenal
 odor: aldehydic mandarin citrus waxy floral green
FR mango mandarin fragrance
FR3-methyl-4-hexyl oxybutyraldehyde
 odor: aldehydic, mandarin aldehyde, citrus peel, fruity, floral, and green notes
 nonyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet orange oil mandarin
FR petitgrain mandarin orange oil
 odor: petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
Tertiary (Third) - mandarin
 odor: citrus orange mandarin
FR waxy nitrile
 odor: citrus waxy mandarin skin fresh aldehydic sea breeze
Quaternary (Fourth) - mandarin
 odor: fresh aldehydic citrus orange mandarin tangerine green fatty
 flavor: ripe citrus fatty waxy
 odor: citrus aldehydic cucumber
 odor: deep citrus mandarin orange melon
 flavor: Green, herbal, waxy and aldehydic
 odor: green citrus fruity mandarin orange herbal
 flavor: fatty waxy citrus peel cilantro herbal
FL/FR evodia rutaecarpa fruit oil
 odor: sharp green papaya mango mandarin herbal
FR neogall
 odor: green fruity galbanum mandarin lemon natural metallic
1,8-octane dinitrile
 odor: fresh sweet waxy floral citrus mandarin
FR phenyl acetaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: hyacinth green foliage floral mandarin sweet pea
FL/FR10-undecenal (aldehyde C-11 undecylenic)
 odor: waxy aldehydic rose mandarin citrus soapy fatty
 flavor: Fatty, oily and aldehydic with a mandarin, citrus nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - mandarin
FR hydroxycitronellal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: floral lily orange blossom sweet
FL/FR neroli oil
 odor: floral orangeblossom citrus petitgrain mandarin herbal
 flavor: neroli
FL/FR neroli oil bigarde
 odor: sweet floral orangeblossom citrus petitgrain mandarin herbal
 flavor: Fresh, floral, citrus and green with a waxy and clean herbal nuance
FR neroli oil replacer
 odor: sweet floral orangeflower citrus petitgrain mandarin herbal
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil brazil
 odor: citrus orange dry woody mandarin cognac terpenic aromatic
 flavor: Bitter, fruity, Madeira, cognac and woody with aromatic nuances
FL/FRbitter orangeflower water absolute
 odor: dry floral musty herbal mandarin leaf petitgrain
 flavor: orangeflower
FR pamplemousse specialty
 odor: grapefruit citrus black currant lemon mandarin
FL/FR zanthoxylum piperitum fruit absolute CO2 extract
 odor: spicy fresh allspice bay citrus mandarin bergamot oriental metallic
 flavor: spicy allspice citrus bergamot tart zesty acetic bay warm
Senary (Sixth) - mandarin
FL/FR citrus reticulata blanco var. tangerine oil
 odor: citrus orange aldehydic peely terpenic mandarin
 flavor: citrus fruity aldehydic peely orange mandarin terpenic
FR neroli fragrance
FR tangerine fragrance
FL/FR tangerine oil america
 odor: sweet tangerine fresh citrus orange aldehydic citral
 flavor: citrus aldehydic fruity peely orange mandarin terpenic
FR tangerine specialty
 odor: citrus orange aldehydic peely terpenic mandarin
Septenary (Seventh) - mandarin
Octonary (Eighth) - mandarin
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