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Odor Descriptors for hay new mown hay
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Primary (First) - hay new mown hay
FR new mown hay fragrance
Secondary (Second) - hay new mown hay
 odor: sweet mild acetophenone hay
FR coumarin
 odor: sweet hay tonka new mown hay
FL/FRpara-dimethyl hydroquinone
 odor: sweet green new mown hay fennel
 flavor: sweet green hawthorn new mown hay anisic anise fennel powdery fatty
Tertiary (Third) - hay new mown hay
Quaternary (Fourth) - hay new mown hay
FL/FR acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: sharp sweet alcohol ether green new mown hay
 flavor: sharp ethereal alcoholic fruity green privet
FL/FR melon acetal
 odor: green mushroom chicken coup new mown hay
 flavor: green herbal mushroom earthy alfalfa violet melon rind brothy
Quinary (Fifth) - hay new mown hay
Senary (Sixth) - hay new mown hay
Septenary (Seventh) - hay new mown hay
Octonary (Eighth) - hay new mown hay
FRfresh outdoors fragrance
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